Act on your digital footprint

Adhere to a digital footprint reduction charter, while promoting corporate donations to environmental and humanitarian associations

Vocamail label is different

For partner companies, adhering to the VOCAMAIL label consists in a dual approach:

  • using existing and future means to optimize part of their digital footprint
  • by continuing their work of patronage towards charities with ecological or humanitarian goals.
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Vocamail Charter

Data Optimization

Contribute to the fight against global warming by optimizing digital data.

Orientation of Corporate Philanthropy

Redirect a more significant part of the donations via patronage towards ecological and humanitarian associations.


Promouvoir l’action sur la politique de l’emprunte numérique en communiquant sur les gains obtenus suite aux politiques d’optimisation internes mises en place.

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The key principles of patronage

VOCAMAIL encourages companies to pursue “material support, without direct consideration on the part of the beneficiary, to a work or person for the exercise of activities of general interest“.

Of course, these counterparties offered by VOCAMAIL cannot have a direct impact on the sponsor’s market activities.

Indeed, VOCAMAIL is part of a framework of citizen mobilization by encouraging partner companies to pursue and develop in their patronage policy both over the long term, on volumes and reorientation towards environmental and humanitarian associations.

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